The fastest growing group is young

Because of industries wholesale jerseys, basically. Joinville is located near a really large urban centre (Curitiba), which attracted all sorts of industries to the area (mostly in the metallurgic area such as Tupy, Wetzel or WEG, or more recently the BMW factory), whereas Florianopolis didn attract so many industries because of its geographical localisation on an island with a not so good connection to the mainland (the two bridges were projected for a traffic 3x smaller than the current traffic). And that the key here, most industries in Florianopolis are in fact in the Florianopolis Metropolitan Area (Florianopolis, So Jos, Palhoa and Biguau) which has more than 1 million inhabitants and is nowadays growing even faster (So Jose population may surpass that of Florianopolis in the near future!)German culture is still very strong in Joinville and still easily seen through architecture, like the city market or one of the city entrance, which has a windmill right next to it, local surnames (the current mayor is called Udo Dhler), street names (Ottokar Drffel, Otto Bhm, Otto Pftzenreuter, among others), industries (such as Wetzel, WEG, Orbenk, and many breweries such as Opa Bier, Zeit Bier or Hensch Bier), cuisine (we have a unique bread with sweet fried powder aka sweet farofa no idea how to say farofa in english called chineque, which comes from the german Schnecke, which means snail, as well as the famous Cuca, which can also be found in all SC and I guess RS too and is another type of cake of german origin (its name derives from the german Kuchen, which means cake), so popular here there are competitions to elect the best one and once they baked a 158m long of the city 158th anniversary), music (there are lots of german folk music bands and one cool band called Banda Uhul which plays german folk music in a punk style, mostly in portuguese), and even folkloric figures to some extent we have a crocodile who lives in the local river and is called Fritz and is loved by everyone in the city.

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