Writing is a Non-Linear and Recursive Process

The following dialog takes place between the King and the White Rabbit in Lewis Carroll’s tale Alice in Wonderland. Alice is on trial, therefore the Rabbit believes that he has a letter which may prove her innocence. He asks the King to permit him to read the letter. Following the King agrees, the Rabbit asks: “Where shall I begin, please, your Majesty?” Additionally the King answers: “Begin in the beginning…. And carry on till you arrived at the end: stop. then”

Writing, of course, isn’t the same as reading, but writers who will be familiar with the approach that is product-based composing often focus on their compositions in a fashion comparable to the one where the Rabbit read his letter. Before they write. as you recall, the product-based approach requires writers to “think” According to this theory, we have to plan and lay out our whole compositions in our heads them down before we can begin writing. Consequently, a writer who has got the piece that is whole in the or her mind, can very easily write it right from the start through the middle and also to the end. In the end, relating to this approach nothing should improvement in the information of this piece during the act of writing itself.