Test Essay reactions and Rater Commentary when it comes to Argument Task

The test essays that follow were written in reaction in to the prompt that seems below. The rater commentary that follows each essay that is sample the way the reaction satisfies the requirements for that rating. An Argument” Scoring Guide for a more complete understanding of the criteria for each score point, see the ” Analyze.

In studies Mason City residents rank water recreations (swimming, sailing and fishing) among all of their favorite outdoor recreation. The Mason River moving through the town is seldom useful for these activities, nonetheless, in addition to town park division devotes little of its spending plan to maintaining riverside recreational facilities. For decades there has been complaints from residents in regards to the quality associated with the river’s water as well as the river’s smell. Responding, the continuing state has established intends to cleanup Mason River. Utilization of the river for water recreations is consequently certain to increase.