The University Grants Committee and also the war that is inter

Between 1919 and 1939, state paying for universities doubled (in one to two million pounds), nevertheless the stability of funding established before 1914 scarcely changed, whilst the club chart shows. In 1938-9, 30% of earnings originated in charges, 36% from central funds. The degree of state aid before 1914 may be worth stressing since it is usually expected that this just started with all the creation regarding the University Grants Committee in 1919. The UGC was an arrangement that is pragmatic together current state grants under an individual human body, and acting as a ‘buffer’ involving the Treasury and also the universities. Its people had been academics sympathetic to college values, and additionally they allowed the universities a higher level of autonomy, providing them ‘block grants’ to expend without step-by-step control. The UGC held an ideal that is conservative of training, and severely restricted new admissions towards the grant list, which from 1923 included Oxford and Cambridge. UGC funds usually covered just expenditure that is current and universities had to look for additional money, usually from charitable trusts and rich philanthropists, for brand new structures, professorships, gear, and pupil facilities.

Following the UGC’s abolition in 1989, its regime had been seemed back once again to as being an age that is golden. But a long time before that, it had been commonly admired externally as being a solution that is uniquely british the issue of balancing educational freedom with general public accountability. This can help to describe why, in a kind of institutional amnesia, the degree of state help before 1919 happens to be forgotten: it suited the universities to associate the creation to its beginnings of the human body which respected their independence and embedded their autonomy institutionally.