Why can I book a scan at Window to your Womb?

We have been the brand that is only the united kingdom that specialises entirely on maternity scanning with this main focus being the health insurance and wellbeing of both mum and infant. All our sonographers are clinically qualified and our staff are typical fully taught to offer you top class solution through your time with us. Our scans are made to permit you along with your household usage of private obstetric scans that are ultrasound. We understand essential this time around is if you have any questions regarding our services, don’t hesitate to ask for you so.

Whenever may be the time that is best for my scan?

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Well-being scans can be found from 16 – 40 days. We have been exceptionally pleased with our 99.9% gender precision from 16 days. Before this time gender dedication just isn’t feasible. Between your days of 22 – 25 we are able to see each of child in 4D nevertheless their features are not necessarily clear. We recommend the time that is best in the future for the 4D scan is between 26 – 30 days whenever child has begun to set down a good amount of fat, making their facial features better and permitting us getting some great 3D/4D images. If you’re having twins or an increased numerous maternity, you will have to book your 4D scan early in the day to let us see both children. The most readily useful time for twins is 20-24 months, following this 4D scans for twins are not likely to attain the most useful pictures.

We don’t want to know my baby’s intercourse, may I continue to have a scan?