If the system proves good, and other larger nations follow suit, the profits to be made will be in the billions. On a person by person basis, heroin is much, much worse. Heroin is much more harmful. Then a new drug pops up, and a new ban is needed.Here in New Zealand, the government decided to try something new. Originally Posted by skeptic All recreational drugs are classified as illegal until a license is issued.

Not very skeptical really.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tetrah…binol#Toxicity Originally Posted by The Wiki There has never been a documented human fatality solely from overdosing on tetrahydrocannabinol or cannabis in its natural form. and some more references:Annual Causes of Death in the United States | Drug War FactsDeaths from Marijuana v. 17 FDA-Approved Drugs – Medical Marijuana – ProCon.org At this stage, the drug can be sold openly and legally. So whaddyathink? A good approach?

A revolution in drug control, or an idiotic way of dealing with an intractable problem?